Urban Watershed Resiliency Program - Panama
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    Omar Garzonio

i) Strengthen the Department of Gender of MUPA in water and sanitation issues with a focus on gender and diversity under component III.
ii) Contribute to the employment and economic autonomy of poor women in the communities and neighborhoods that are affected. This would be done through productive activities with women and in an articulated way in an Economic Entrepreneurship Program for women, based on their productive activities, the ancestral knowledge and knowledge they have of the watershed ecosystem and environmental resources. All this to develop businesses that support them out of the poverty situation. This activity would be integrated to component III.
iii) Promote the incorporation of female engineers in the construction, rehabilitation and expansion of storm drainage works, in coordination with the Department of Gender of MUPA and local actors.
iv) Include the knowledge of women, the elderly and young people regarding basin reforestation, promoting agroforestry practices with a gender focus where the knowledge of women and the elderly are recovered and taken into account in MUPA management plans .
Additionally, mention that the Bank is preparing a Technical Cooperation that by October may already have it underway: Urban Development PN-T1216 - National public policy strategy for the Afropanamanian population where a National Development Strategy for Afro-Panamanian Peoples will be developed that will be applied later with local governments: we could then link actions with them too

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